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What's the deadline to purchase?
3/8, 11:59pm.

Can I place an order after the deadline has passed?
No. Once the online store is closed, no orders can be accepted - no exceptions. Please understand, we have to be very strict on this as any exception would delay the delivery of the entire team's gear. Once the deadline has passed, there are many moving parts (ordering, inventory control, shipping, printing, embroidering, and much more) that can not be delayed or interrupted.

That being said, we do typically have VERY limited extra gear, once the initial delivery has been made & the dust settles, this gear will be available for purchase - on this site - shipping directly to you.

Lastly, please always feel free to reach
out here with specific questions, or check back for limited surplus gear!

What's the best way to determine my size?
Men's Nike Tops
Men's Nike Bottoms
Youth Nike Tops & Bottoms
Women's Nike Tops
Women's Nike Bottoms
Vintage Tops

Are exchanges or returns offered?
No. Please understand that each garment is produced specifically per each order. Once the deadline has passed, no order alterations, exchanges or cancellations can be made for any reason. Additionally, no returns can be made for any reason.​ This includes any alteration or cancellation of the season due to COVID-19.

When will I get my gear?
Wood St Sports & Pickerington North work very closely. Delivery & distribution is coordinated by the coaching staff to help enable prompt delivery. All orders will be delivered to the PN / PLV coaching staff prior to your first home invite!

How do I know if my order went through?
Once an order is submitted, you'll see our confirmation page. It'll show your order number and some order details. You will also receive a payment confirmation to the email address used throughout checkout. 

Do I need a PayPal account to pay?
No. Although you are welcome to pay with a PayPal account - PayPal is simply our credit card processor. From your cart, click pay with PayPal and follow the on-screen directions to pay with you credit card.

Full F.A.Q.

We're proud to offer Pickerington North & Lakeview it's own dedicated website, but to view our full F.A.Q. section, click here.


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